Jim Snyder, MS, CRC

Services available to Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants, Vocational Experts, Forensic Rehabilitation Consultants and/or Life Care Planners include:

  • Labor Market Survey/Labor Market Research & Analysis (Data Triangulation)
  • Research and document government/industry statistics on the wages, job availability, and occupational information for the Occupation and Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) requested per case
  • Direct Employer contact to locate data such as:  Job existence/availability; Qualifications; Duties; Physical Requirements; Wages; etc
  • Job Development & Placement - across the U.S.
  • Research and document vocational implications of specified disability, injury, and/or work related issue as requested for a designated case
  • Research journal articles and studies to locate needed information and documentation for a specified case
  • Research and document information needed for Life Care Plans such as (a) cost of various medical durable goods, (b) cost of recommended medications, (c) cost of recommended therapy, etc

Types of cases normally providing research services for include:

- Personal Injury

-Workers' Compensation

- Long-Term Disability

- Medical Malpractice

- Longshoreman

- Family Law

- Defense Base Act (DBA)

- Wrongful Termination

- Life Care Planning




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